Looking for a True Louisiana Guide Fishing Adventure, then look no further than a Marsh Rat Adventure. We Specialize in light tackle Spin Fishing & Louisiana Fly Fishing for the elusive Cajun Bonefish "Red Fish" and the "Speckle Trout".  Our Louisiana fishing Adventures take you from the inner brackish water marshes of South Louisiana to the coastal waters off the Gulf of Mexico. We can have you sight fishing from depths of water starting in 5 inches to 2 feet or sightfish in depths greater than 30 feet. We can accommodate your personal challenge, whether it be a trophy, family outing or the well-deserved business trip for the biggest of corporations. We have a fully inclusive package to accommodate YOU.

Louisiana Fly Fishing Guide

Saltwater fly fishing in Louisiana is an experience like no other. Cajun waters offer up enormous redfish through an expanse of fishable waters and speckle trout that are waiting to take your fly for a ride. The shallow crystal clear water makes sight fishing on the fly possible as their backs emerge from the water’s surface the redfish feed on crabs, shrimp, and mullet. Sight casting to huge Bull Reds is thrilling during the fall and winter months, as these large fish generally float along the water’s surface. Fly fishing in Louisiana can land you with bull reds in excess of 40 pounds.

Whether you’re an expert fly angler or new to the sport, we invite you to join our Louisiana fly fishing guide service if you’re interested in sight fishing for redfish. Contact us today to book your Louisiana fly fishing trip.

Louisiana Fishing Guide Light Tackle

Light Tackle is the way to go for a redfish fighting adventure. Louisiana Redfish will give you a glimpse of their bronze back right before making another line stripping run. Fishing for Reds is where anglers learn what good line quality and proper drag settings really mean. These fish will fight until you get them to the boat. Redfish thrive in the marsh and coastal waters of South Louisiana because of all the nutrients brought into the Gulf from the mighty Mississippi River.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or new to the sport, we invite you to join our Louisiana fishing guide service if you’re interested in chasing hearty redfish. Contact us today to book your Louisiana fishing trip.Type your paragraph here.

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